Our state of mind has a powerful effect on our physical well-being. Stress can deplete our energy reserves and lower our immunity.

If you feel stressed, it is crucial to take time to release emotional and mental tensions. Slowing down the chattering mind and releasing anxiety will make you feel strong, alert and able to tackle challenges in a productive way. Reducing stress can also boost your immune system. Here are a few tips to let go of tensions:

Take Mindfulness Breaks

To release stress, try taking a few mindfulness breaks during the day. Start by closing your eyes and becoming aware of your body, relaxing your shoulders and any other parts of the body where you feel tension. Take your time and with your awareness, go through each part of the body one by one, relaxing and releasing. Do not forget to breathe. This only takes a few moments and will have a great impact on your wellbeing.

Focus on Breathing

Stress influences our breathing and in turn breathing can influence and reduce stress. One of the best breathing exercises to calm the mind is a technique called alternate nostril breathing. This is a very powerful tool to combat stress. Check out this video, created by our partners at The Art of Living, for instructions on alternate nostril breathing technique.


This is a simple and powerful way to release tension in your body and mind. You will need about 10 minutes of alone time where you won’t be interrupted. Start by standing, sitting down or laying on your bed. Close your eyes, let go, and allow your body to release tension. You may feel like swaying, contracting, lengthening etc. You may notice that you start yawning which is a sign of tension leaving your system. Emotions most likely will rise up during the process as stress gets released.

Invite Restorative Sleep

To get better quality sleep, avoid electronic devices for at least one hour before bed. This gives your mind a chance to unwind. You can play relaxing music, do some gentle stretching, take a warm bath…anything that helps you let go of the tensions of the day. Drinking a cup of turmeric milk and massaging your feet with essential oils to help with grounding and calming.

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